Our Story


It was twenty-seven years ago when my son, his friend, and I were outside wrestling in Norco, California. The boys were 7 years old at the time. I was their coach in several sports.

While in the middle of wrestling, my son, Kirk, jumped up and shouted I’m Benit! His friend, Bryce, stood up and said if you’re Benit, then I’m Dunit! I looked at them both and said, then who am I? Both boys pointed to me and said you’re Benit Dunit! We laughed and finished goofing off and having fun.

Fast forward to present day {2021}. My father passed away from multiple complications due to a bad motorcycle accident. Seven months later, my Uncle Jim passes away from COVID. Both men were the most influential men in my life.

One morning I woke up and made my way to the restroom. I stopped, looked at myself in the mirror and said, you can be a better person. I paused and thought I’ve not only said things I shouldn’t have, but I also thought things that I shouldn’t have; I need to be more like my Father and Uncle - strong men with their own flaws, but men of their word. The type of men that when you shook their hand, it meant you kept your word. I then looked closer in the mirror and said, you know who you are? All of sudden, something welled up inside me. I pointed to my reflection and said, oh my gosh! You’re Benit Dunit!

Judging myself that day changed my life. I now have a passion to reach others through Benit Dunit. All of us are Benit Dunit - we all have a life story that matters.

Thank you for letting me share my Benit Dunit story with you.

Benit Dunit Ownit — Do It,

Whatever it takes, we’re going to get through it!